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AFSPA: Life under a lawless law

By Basit farooq and Shariqa Naseer
Though the complete scrapping of the AFSPA is not possible, it is to be kept in mind that the violation of rights of citizens can be justified in no situation. The Act fails to meet the provisions of Indian constitution and also international standards. While India might be the largest democracy in the world, the scars of human rights violations make it very small in giving respect to democratic values.

Memoir: The AFSPA Mentality of Suspicion and Treachery in Kashmir

By Adil Bhat
Gloom hovers over each house. Pulsating heart beats and ashened faces, fear grips every being, young and old. The troops enter, pick up the young suspects, brutally beat the elderly and rape the women of the house. This is the story witnessed by every Kashmiri.