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Cafe Dissensus Everyday is the blog of Cafe Dissensus Magazine, based in New York City, USA.

Our ISSN No.: ISSN 2373-177X.

While Cafe Dissensus Magazine will be published quarterly and each issue will revolve around a topic, we are aware that there are important events taking place around us everyday. For a real-time analysis of events, we would like our contributors to send in their opinion pieces, reflections, and commentaries for publication on Cafe Dissensus Everyday.

We are genuinely committed to the idea of alternative media. Here each piece will be considered and published only on its own merit and not on some other considerations.

For more information, please see the SUBMISSIONS page.

The material on Cafe Dissensus Everyday is protected under Creative Commons License. Once a piece is published in Cafe Dissensus Everyday, we will retain exclusive copyright for a period of 15 days, from the date of publication. Within this period, the piece cannot be re-published elsewhere even in an adapted and modified form.Thereafter, it must be acknowledged that the piece was first published in Cafe Dissensus Everyday. Failing to comply with this and any unauthorized republication/reproduction of the piece will  amount to copyright violation.

We are a completely voluntary endeavor and we are unable to pay our authors. (May be, someday! Who knows?)


Mary Ann Chacko is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her dissertation examines the Student Police Cadet program implemented in government schools across Kerala, India with a focus on adolescent citizenship and school-community relations. She is an Editor at Cafe Dissensus. Read more of her work on her blog, Chintavishta. E-mail:

Mosarrap H. Khan is a doctoral candidate in the Dept. of English, New York University. He researches in the area of Muslim everyday life in South Asia. He is an Editor at Cafe Dissensus. E-mail:


Bhaswati Ghosh writes and translates fiction and non-fiction. Check out her website here. E-mail:

Books Editor:

Rashida Murphy lives in Perth, Western Australia. Her stories, essays and poems are regularly published in anthologies and journals. Check out Rashida’s blog here. Email:

Films Editor:

Nadira Khan recently completed her doctorate in film and cultural studies at TISS, Mumbai. She is Films Editor at Cafe Dissensus. Email: Twitter: @NadiraKhan11

Political Editor:

Urba Malik is a PhD Scholar in Centre for Political Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Her PhD work analyses the question of Muslim Identity (in Kashmir and Hyderabad) as a unified Muslim community or as one diffracted over a trajectory coming from socio-political markers. She has been actively associated with various surveys of Peoples Pulse, a research based organization. Urba is currently working as a Research Associate in an International project, “Democracy and Post civil Society in Global Politics”, funded by ICSSR. She regularly presents papers in National seminars and writes for newspapers and online portals.

Assistant Editor:

Adil Bhat is Assistant Editor at Cafe Dissensus. He studied English literature from Delhi university and is currently pursuing M.A. Mass communication at AJK MCRC  Jamai Malia Islamia University, New Delhi. He has contributed articles in Himal South Asian Magazine, Greater Kashmir, Kashmir Reader, Kashmir Life, and Cafe Dissensus. He tweets at: @subzadil


13 Responses to “About”

  1. J.K.Gulati

    Ms.Mary Chaco & Mr.M.Khan
    Greetings of the day
    It was in today dt.15-01-2017 Spectrum issue of The Tribune (KAFFEEKKLATCH) that I came across your innovative venture. I would like to contribute my inputs to your amature online journal. Thanks for making it possible for denizens in enabling them to put forth their opinion on this wonderful platform.
    Regds: Dr.J.K.Gulati, Associate Professor, University Business School, GND University, Jalandhar

  2. Shyamal Bagchee, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta

    So, is this primarily an Indo-centric enterprise? Appears to be founded on principles grounded in reason and critical inquiry–but is located in one of the most unjust places on earth, the United States. Why not take on something that needs doing locally?

    • Cafe Dissensus Bolg

      Not sure what you mean by ‘doing locally. The magazine was started by grad students in the US. But most of its work is done from a nondescript small town in India. As for ths US being the most unjust place, the editors of the magazine had lived in Canada in the past and can say without any doubt that Canada is a pretentious, white place. The US at least welcomes merit, Canada wallows in mediocrity.


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