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Photo: The Times of India

Disability: The Invisible within the Community

By Rekha Revathy
It is a fact that disabled women face a lot of barriers in actively participating in feminist movements. These barriers are mainly due to difficulties in mobility, accessibility, etc. Many conferences and other such programs are not organized in such a manner that they can accommodate disabled women.


The Lake of Blood

By Irfan Mir
Death was on his young mind; it had gone into his brains, seeming nearer to him than it had ever been. In the quivering light of a candle, the wooden rafters above his head seemed to float. He imagined Ezrail hovering around him like cigarette smell.

Photo: The Munich Eye

Alzheimer’s and Wandering

By Nishi Pulugurtha
There were times when I walked with my hand across her shoulder. At home, I slept with the house-keys inside my pillow case. I was scared to let them out anywhere else. The house was always kept locked. A door to Amma was just a passage out she look for. When she saw one, she had to use it.

Painting: John Jackson

On losing my cellphone

By Ananya Dutta Gupta
My phone and I had bequeathed and shared meaning between us in similar ways. I had committed memories, thoughts, and images to it in such a way as to create a personal archive.


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