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Sacrifice, loss, and the smokescreen of morality in Kashmir

By Muneeb Yousuf
I wonder why certain principles and standards of morality and sacrifice apply only to a poor man and not the one who wields power, despite the fact that both are from the same community. This is, I believe, a complete subversion of truth and justice.


Dealing with Alzheimer’s

By Nishi Pulugurtha
There must be lots she wants to say, she tries making noises and we respond to them as we did to her talk before. The sound of a song elicits a response; she looks in the direction of the sound and moves her head slowly as if in response to it. When she sees a familiar face, she looks on for a moment before smiling a faint smile.

Institute of Objective Studies publishes study on Muslim backwardness in India

Muslims across the country have had lesser exposure and access than the average Indian to primary education, healthcare and credit, and have often fallen prey to discrimination and ethnic violence. Issues pertaining to inadequacy in education, lack of institutional support, weak economic conditions, lack of employment and employability, cultural gap, inadequate representation in administrative bodies, lack of security, lack of adequate reservations, etc. have cropped up time and again in recent history.

Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Nanette’ and the Importance of Stories from the Margins

By Sohini Chatterjee
Gadsby offers no escape route. She is not pretending to be indifferent to her own trauma. She is asking for compassion, she is demanding to be heard and understood. Not for her own sake but for the sake of the “gender not normals”, the small town queers, the women who are written out of history in favour of men, who do not deserve their esteemed place in history.

What Stats Say about Women’s Tennis

By Amol Ranjan
What has been more fruitful for women tennis is that it has witnessed more diversity and more champions. Women’s tennis got three black Grand Slam champions in Serena Williams, Venus Williams, and Slone Stephens, while no black tennis player won a Grand Slam in men’s section in the same period.

Telliscope: The piecemeal sale of higher education

By Ashley Tellis
If politicians get to decide academic standards, decide which institutions will get money and which will not, which will shut down and which will not, which one is performing well and which not, who will pay how much fees, who will enroll and what they will study, we can be sure that academic standards will not be the criteria at all but ideological boot-licking will.

‘Victor’s History’: A reminder that rewriting history has never been as easy as it has become today

By Murtaza Ali Khan
Directed by a French-American filmmaker, named Nicolas Chevaillier, Victor’s History revolves around a proud son, Victor, who hires an African-Vietnamese investigative journalist, Dorian and an Indian documentary filmmaker, Zuhair in a bid to try and immortalize his late father by making a film about his great achievements. He firmly believes that his father deserves a permanent place in the annals of history.

Finding the Balance between Development and the Right to Life

By J. Aslam Basha
If the PM truly intends to safeguard democracy, he must start listening to people and looking for solutions that people expect the government to provide. Exercise videos may be light hearted, but the government cannot lose sight of the real problems. It cannot ignore the safety and future of people, especially of those who are poor and marginalized.