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Away from Kashmir, scattered Kashmiri diaspora comes together

By Majid Maqbool
Kashmiris in North America are a thriving community of diaspora who live in the United States and Canada as their adopted home. Unlike many other immigrant communities, a significantly large number of Kashmiris are professionals, including doctors, engineers, scientists, professors, entrepreneurs, technology consultants, and business leaders.


Grigori Chukhrai’s ‘Ballad of a Soldier’: A Simple, Bittersweet Tale on the Irreparable Costs of War

By Arun Kumar
Grigori Chukhrai and his cinematographers Vladimir Nikolayev, Era Savelyeva are triumphant in concealing the overly melodramatic dimensions of the story with a gentle lyrical quality. At times, the lyricism escalates the painful emotional quotient: for example, the surrealistic sequence after Alyosha parts from Shura.

Liberal Vertigo, Eros, and the University

By Brinda Bose & Rahul Sen
How did #MeToo manage to dilute a labyrinthine, voluptuous, turbulent human relationship marked by eros, and whittle it down to this piteous, anonymous, cowardly movement of mass hysteria about heartless male lovers in relationships gone wrong?

Three Poems

By Anupama Mohan
Life is a concatenation of habits:
He watches, I forget; he notes, I write;
he scratches the surface of things; I assemble the scab.
At least, the cat, I hope, is grateful.

A conversation with author, Nazia Erum

By Mohammad Farhan
If we can’t handle discussing sex or sexual abuse, then how will we handle cases of misogyny, homophobia, casteism and in the last decade or so the rise of Islamophobia, which has certainly moved from our drawing rooms to the classrooms and school corridors?

Telliscope: The horror of institutions

By Ashley Tellis
How is it that we express no outrage at this continuum of violent institutions from the family to the state but focus on custodial institutions which shelter the detritus from these other institutions? Because it is easy to do. It is also really convenient.

Blacklight: Swachh Bharat (Short Story)

By Tanushree Ghosh
Next morning Ramu reached outside 702 Pitampura last, finishing all other houses in the row first. To his delight, the trash was all outside – the big bin and extra plastic bags – shining in the morning sun supplementing the garbage strewn around the gully.