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Alzheimer’s and Falling

By Nishi Pulugurtha
Today I tried to walk her in the morning and found her very unsteady. She prefers to sit down most of the time. I realise that she does not feel fit enough to get up and walk. Just hoping that she continues the walk, maybe not the way she did it before, but a small, little walk, a few steps at a time.

Photo: Sadiq Zafar

The Burning Lamp of the Synagogue in Cochin

By Sadiq Zafar
Historically Cochin has witnessed many foreign invasions including Portuguese, Dutch, and British. And to experience this cultural confluence, tourists from across the globe flock to the city in large numbers. Meandering lanes bifurcate the waterfront leading to Mattancherry, a residential area on the fringes of Cochin.

Painting: Hilma Koelman

Two Memories

By Tikuli
I breathe deeply, eyes closed,
inhale the aromas that we once shared,
the crackling warmth of wood stove,
the tang of our salt-laced bodies.


Three Poems

By Archita Mittra
all words are only a black-faced pretext
to fill up the
e m p t y
s p a c e s
in the dusty, abandoned
parking lots of your heart.


Onam: Syncretic Festival of Kerala

By Latheef Abbas
In this Onam season, I make this plea to my Malayalee readers: Let us eschew divisive calls that harp on purity and exclusion, values that try to build borders and turn friends and neighbours into strangers.


Appropriating Ravan: Design to Blunt a Radical Symbol

By Arunoday Majumder
A packed Kamani Auditorium in New Delhi thundered with applause as Ravan addressed Sita, the wife of Ram. The moral opulence of the demon-king and the ethical poverty of the god-king lay bared to the audience. The occasion was the opening performance of Ravan ki Ramayan – a play written and directed by Atul Satya Kaushik.