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‘Blade Runner 2049’: Denis Villeneuve’s haunting, meditative take on what it means to be human

By Murtaza Ali Khan
Roger Ebert had written in his review of A.I. Artificial Intelligence, “It has mastered the artificial, but not the intelligence.” Blade Runner 2049, on the contrary, appears to have mastered both.


Three poems

By Saidalavi PC
The nadir of despair, have you seen, my friend? Look here.
The broken bones and seared flesh of Akhlaq, Pehlu Khan
The chilling presence of a missing Najeeb from JNU
And a countless under-trials behind the bars on flimsy charges for days on end.

Short Story: My Sherlock

By Srirupa Dhar
Just a moment’s flicker and then I see a pale yellow creature resting on to a Lego piece. The creature seemed to be unsure of its sudden landing. It was trying to hide the tip of its dark brown legs.

Meeting PC Sorcar Jr, the Magician

By Rimli Bhattacharya
As the tunes played, I wrote on the board: “Cos2theta + Sine2theta”. Blindfolded, he wrote, “ =1”. I instantly fell in love with him. It was quite natural at my age; who wouldn’t? The last punch was when an audience drew a line and he made a sketch of a female and declared, “My wife”.

Muslim youth in Mumbai: The myth of governance and the spatio-temporality of resistance in India

By Muhammed Mashkoor
Velunaikar’s calendar exposes the rise in the number of violence against Dalits and the Muslim minority in the country even as the KVIC calendar tries to polish Modi’s image portraying him as an icon of youth and development. Instead of the glossy pictures of Modi in his expensive kurta pyjama, Velunaikar featured the picture of victims of mob lynching, Rohith Vemula, and Najeeb’s mother, and others in his calendar.

Travel: Tajpur by the sea

By Nishi Pulugrtha
The lady manning the shack and the men in the family disentangles the prawn seed from the nets and separates them. These seeds, she tells us, are sold to the prawn farms that we have seen on the way to Tajpur.