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Padmavati controversy: What is history?

By Ananya S Guha
Did Khilji’s falling in love with the Queen determine the forces of history? The praxis of history is change, laws of determinants taking further course into the future – it is futuristic. It is past as well, when viewed from the vantage point of the present.


Poem: My Pond, Your Sea

By Gaurav J. Pathania
Years later,
I crossed the seven seas, to be here in your village by the sea,
Dipping my feet in the cool clear water
Feeling the thunderous waves crash onto my body.

Will the ‘better’ survive in India?

By Ananya S Guha
We are now living under conditions, where might is right and anarchy is let loose anywhere in the name of religion, caste, politics or community. So, Dalits cannot sport a moustache and cows cannot be used for economic benefit or as cattle.

Two poems

By Nishat Arif Hussaini
The clatter of steel from the next table
Knifes through the speech between us
I nod in assent, while your lips
Move in syllables severed from sound.

Where do Santa and Banta reside?

By Sanjay Kumar
Santa and Banta exist whenever and wherever we suspend our sense of judgement, let gullibility take over, laugh hoarse for no reason, grin like idiots from ear to ear, trust an alien with his secrets and intentions, allow ourselves to be made fun of and have self-deprecation in generous measure.