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On Durga’s Migrant Trails

By Bhaswati Ghosh
I await the day when I would run into someone from Delhi at a North American puja pandal on dashami. I want to experience the kolakuli magic my grandfather did in his probaash all those years ago, in what is now mine.


Short Story: Her bifocals saw the full monty

By Srirupa Dhar
Glasses clinked with the malty smell of Scotch whiskeys and oaky bouquet of Chardonnays. The bitter tartness of alcohol intimately medleyed with the floral fragrances of Gucci and Chanel. The middle-aged self-complacent men savored the drinks as they cracked bawdy jokes.

My politics is better than yours

By Ananya S Guha
Both rightists and leftists have failed to rise above petty party politics. And some of the intellectuals, writers, and artists are also guilty of the same crime, too. No one is willing to take an objective and unbiased view. Positions are taken, sides are chosen.


By Prasanta Chakravarty
We have gradually eroded our capacities to appreciate the sonic and the gestural. Culture is largely visual. And our literature departments do not indulge in training our ears and skin at all.

JNUSU Elections: The University and the Politics of Narratives

By Gaurav Pathania
Two powerful organisations, the Student Federation of India (SFI) and All India Student Association (AISA) have vied for power for decades. But for this election, they united in an unprecedented alliance to counter ABVP’s rising influence. Undoubtedly, the strong presence of ABVP is the result of ideological degradation of the Left parties on campus.

Three Poems

By Abishake Koul
I met her when she was young,
She had a tattoo of a Chinar leaf,
And the leaf had a bullet hole in it,
Even the tattooed leaf had withered.

Urdu Press Pays Rich Tribute to Gauri Lankesh

By Urdu Media Monitor
Urdu newspapers have given extensive coverage to the brutal murder of one of the most respected Indian journalists and activists, Gauri Lankesh, who was found lying in a pool of blood on the porch at her home in Bangalore on 6 September, 2017.

Book Review: Amitava Kumar’s ‘The Lovers’

By Suranjana Choudhury
The novel is a tapestry of various texts woven around the lives of the other characters through the teasing, playful voice of the author-narrator. With anecdotes, excerpts from other books, interviews, clandestine letters, overlapping memories, Kumar lucidly builds this very exciting narrative.