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Previous Issues

These are the previous issues of Cafe Dissensus Magazine:

Issue 1: Beyond Mumbai, 2012: Indian Muslims and the Way Forward
Issue 2: Social Activism in South Asia: Obstacles and Achievements
Issue 3: Disability
Issue 4: Organizational Factionalism in Keralite Islam

Issue 5: Death Penalty
Issue 6: Indian General Elections 2014
Issue 7: Lucknow’s Many Muslims
Issue 8: Here and There: The Diaspora Universe
Issue 9: Inland Labor Migration in India
Issue 10:Debating the Disability Law in India
Issue 11: Teach for India (TFI)

Issue 12: The Indian Jewry
Issue 13: Short Story: Theme – Night
Issue 14: Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Issue 15: Study Abroad
Issue 16: Muslim Women on Hijab/Veil
Issue 17: Disability: Art and Culture
Issue 18: Personal Journeys Toward Publication
Issue 19: The Everyday and Other Tagore
Issue 20: Gorkhaland

Issue 21: Jewish-Muslims Relations in South Asia
Issue 22: Cosmopolitanism in a City: The Past and Present of Calicut
Issue 23: The Book that Made an Impact on Me in 2015
Issue 24: JNU and Its Tradition(s) of Dissent
Issue 25: Female Genital Mutilation
Issue 26: Beat and Hungry Generation: When losing became hip
Issue 27: In the Shadow of the Larger Faiths: Minor Faiths of South Asia
Issue 28: Disability and the Other Margins 
Issue 29: The Idea of the University
Issue 30: Bollywood Nationalism

Issue 31: India’s Response to the Holocaust and its Perception of Hitler
Issue 32: Unmasking the Conflict: Making sense of the recent uprisings in Kashmir
Issue 33: Urdu in contemporary India: Predicaments and Promises
Issue 34: Punjab: Marginal and Central
Issue 35: Masculinities in Urban India
Issue 36: Women’s Writing from North-East India
Issue 37: Muslim Life in West Bengal
Issue 38: India at 70: The Many Partitions
Issue 39: Narrating Care: Disability and Interdependence in the Indian Context
Issue 40: Remembering Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in Bicentenary Year (1817-2017)
Issue 41: Humanimal and the Planet Earth


Issue 42: Digital Archiving in the 21st Century
Issue 43: The importance of being a Flâneur today
Issue 44: Women as the ‘displaced’: The context of South Asia
Issue 45: Travel: Cities, Places, People
Issue 46: Nuclear Deterrence: An Instrument of World Peace or Instability?
Issue 47: New Woman: Then and Now
Issue 48: Revisiting the Partition of India, 1947


Issue 49: Hatred and Mass Violence: Lessons from History
Issue 50: Contents: Writing In Academia
Issue 51: Rohingya Refugees: Identity, Citizenship, and Human Rights



Issue 52: On the Table: Pathways between Food Studies and Food Writing

(For submitting your work to our Issues in 2020, do look up the Concept Notes)

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