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Dadri Beef Rumour Lynching: Observations after a visit to Bisara village on 3rd October, 2015

By Concerned Citizens
A rumour of cow slaughter becomes the most feasible vehicle to mobilize a certain dominant agrarian caste on a Hindu plank against Muslims in general. This is a similar trend of mobilizing a dominant caste against Muslims that was also visible during the riots in Muzaffarnagar in 2013.


The Privileged Indian: Liberal or Otherwise

By Raj Shekhar Sen
There is nothing like a Dalit history month on public TV or exhibits in museums that seek to educate the upper-castes in India about a long and dark chapter of their past (and present).

My Gift

By Sutapa Basu
What had I done? Was it their hunger I had appeased or assuaged my guilt? Here I was, unthinkingly buying inessential food to mark just a festive occasion and there they were… starving for just a morsel!