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Maria Pena: Landscapes Left Behind

By Mary Ann Chacko
As she sifted through the photos she took in Kerala, it occurred to her that the Lungi or sarong, a traditional garment worn, predominantly by men, around their waist and the Newspaper, best capture the culture of Kerala. In this painting, she took newspapers and blended it with the painting. One news item features Kerala’s campaign against the pesticide, Endosulfan.

An Interview with Dr. Neha Vora on ‘Impossible Citizens: Dubai’s Indian Diaspora’ (2013)

By E P Mohammed Swalih
This is what I mean by “consumer citizenship” – you mark your identity and belonging through material goods. This is of course connected to prosperity but it is not reducible to wealth. I remember one of my first interviewees in Dubai telling me that when he was growing up in Kerala, Carrefour plastic bags were considered status symbols.

Education: Educational Access and Educational Quality Debate

By Mary Ann Chacko
To demonstrate how this distinction between educational access and educational quality is popularly understood, I would like to discuss two short clips from a Malayalam movie titled ‘Vadhyar’ [School Teacher, 2012], which portrays the struggle of a government school to survive amidst a corrupt bureaucracy, high-fee-seeking English medium private schools, and government-aided schools run by religious organizations.