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Picture of Drowned Aylan Kurdi is Saddening, but Europe Alone is Not Guilty

By Soumya Sundar Chowdhury
Truth be told: recent geopolitical events have compounded the crisis and Europe’s wishy-washy stand on this issue has drawn an unfair criticism.

The Double Trouble: From Disaster to Disability in Nepal

By Neha Basnet
Jamuna did get better treatment at the Nepal Orthopedic Hospital. However, Jamuna’s lower body from the hip-joint didn’t respond. The doctors at the hospital said she needed a plaster of iron rods to fix the fractures. She won’t be able to walk again.

Is the International Criminal Court biased?

By Neha Basnet
To be effective, the ICC must pose a real threat of prosecution, trial, and conviction for the perpetrators of major international violations of human rights. At the same time, it need not be limited to the trials it conducts of individual suspects to pursue justice.

The Importance of Being Malala

By Mosarrap Hossain Khan
My skepticism does not stem from my antagonism to women’s education. Rather, reducing Malala’s story as an exclusively woman’s story is something that gets my goat. Because this line of argument has been the trajectory of western narrative about the ills plaguing the Muslim countries.