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Rural India: The day we met Krishna…

By Akshatha Shetty
Despite the early onset of winter, the scorching heat of Rajasthan enslaves every soul. Dust rose and settled like smoke from a dragon’s flared nostrils. Far ahead, we heard the familiar chattering of three Rajasthani women clad in vibrant colors. Their hips swayed to the tunes of the earth, while their shoulders bore the burden of poverty.

Unsung Heroes: The Struggle of Kaneez & Samina

By Manisha Bandopadhaya
Kaneez also works as a counselor for women in her area, under Muraroi Police Station. Muslim women come to the center with problems such as multiple marriages, drinking and domestic abuse, trafficking of young girls etc. She personally bore witness in the case of forty divorces (talaaq).

Photography: Rural Bengal

By Sahidul Haque
I came to realize that beauty is everywhere but I had not the eye to see, recognize, and discover her. I felt the need to train my eye. I studied books and pictures carefully. Gradually, there was an awakening of visual sense, or, more precisely, photographic sense, within me.