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Short Story: When Yusuf Died

By Ajay Raina
That night, he had soaked his being in the unexpected rare gift of a strangely beautiful silence. He had not slept all night, that night.

Jagmohan’s Padma Award: Rubbing salt in our wounds

By Ajay Raina
After traversing through homes of many relatives and searching for various options for survival in Jammu and Delhi, my family assembled at my hostel room door in Pune. I was not even aware that they had left Kashmir forever.

No ‘Kashmir’ in India: A Film Festival Vandalized in Hyderabad

By Abu Saleh
The opening day of the festival was at the L V Prasad Preview Theatre. Before the inaugural session, around forty people gathered one by one and started shouting. At first they broke the entrance door panels, windowpanes, one TV screen and began to throw flower vases. They went inside the projector room, damaged some of the old film reels of the institute/distributor (LVP).