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Sir Syed’s vision of democratic education

By Muhammed Shafeeque
The first students’ union in India was set up at AMU to inculcate values of democracy. The union resembled the Oxford debating club and he offered special awards to the best speakers. This reinforces his commitment to education, which must hone democratic values in students.

What Explains the Police Crackdown on AMU?

By Abhay Kumar
the government is increasingly scuttling the democratic spaces within the universities and imposing its agendas of saffronisation and privatisation of education. Yet, I am inclined to argue that when it comes to an educational institute with a large population of Muslims, the approach of the State often becomes more prejudiced.

Should Indian Muslims Engage with Prime Minister Modi?

By Arshi Khan
Muslims need the fulfillment of their constitutional rights for which the Republic of India was created. Muslims cannot accept a State worse than the colonial masters as they were not so cruel, dishonest and violent against their subjects. The citizens are not hosts to welcome a government but to watch it and to criticize it if it goes beyond the statutory rim.