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Braid Chopping in Kashmir and India’s Machiavellian Statesmanship

By Ameen Hussain Rather
So far more than 60 cases of braid cuttings have been registered in Kashmir. From a 55-year-old lady to a class 6 student, hundreds of women have been attacked till now. From bedroom to kitchen, washroom to reading room, from south to north, villages to towns, Kashmir has turned into a chaotic place.

An Open letter to S. J. M. Gillani, IGP, Kashmir

By Ameen Hussain Rather
We all know that this video was a cock-and-bull story recorded by your department to confuse the people, because your police are poorly trained in academies about how to investigate a case. They seem to receive their training by the exposure they get from watching Crime Petrol and Savdhaan India (both Indian television shows).