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‘Godi Media’: Medium is the Message

By Amol Ranjan
For a healthy democracy, freedom of speech and press is non-negotiable. In India, they derive power from Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution. However, today journalists are increasingly made to shut down, harassed and even killed for their critical views of the ruling government.

Why Wikipedia

By Amol Ranjan
It’s very clear that just as it does in academia in India, English language dominates the production and the consumption of knowledge on Wikipedia as well. But unlike academia, Wikipedia is meant to be an open and crowd source platform where anybody can make a contribution to the public knowledge of this ever-growing online encyclopedia.

What Stats Say about Women’s Tennis

By Amol Ranjan
What has been more fruitful for women tennis is that it has witnessed more diversity and more champions. Women’s tennis got three black Grand Slam champions in Serena Williams, Venus Williams, and Slone Stephens, while no black tennis player won a Grand Slam in men’s section in the same period.

Cricket: Tampered Tragedy

By Amol Ranjan
What could only be gained from the ongoing proceedings is that everyone needs to save its a** and move on in this global televised game. In the Cape Town incident, Australian players couldn’t, so nation Australia had to. A nation has to surely win, even if their players can’t.