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Football World Cup and nostalgia for olden days

By Moinak Dutta
Lack of availability of television sets did not deter us and our elder brothers in the colony from watching football. We would go to one house in the locality, where there used to be that technological marvel, a TV put in a box with shutters made of plywood. At that time, a company called Uptron sold those TVs here and some fortunate people owned them.

As if Malabar Hosts the World Cup

By Yoonus Bin Muhmmed
Along with the star players’ elegant cut-outs, the banners highlight a side’s advantages and strengths over its rivals and list the rivals’ feebleness. Sometimes the banners issue stark and aggressive warning against its rivals: ‘No Kakas will fly over Messi’ (Kaka means crow in Malyalam), suggesting the usual rivalry between Brazil and Argentina!