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Telliscope: Saying ‘No’ to violence

By Ashley Tellis
It tells us something about the nature of our commitment to the principles of democracy that we capitulate so easily to pressure from goonda politics. All that needs to be done, it appears is to threaten violence and institutions cower, apologies pour forth. This shows that we are living in a goonda raj and not in a democracy.


Telliscope: Fighting the good fight

By Ashley Tellis
There is no substitute for struggles on the ground, no matter how difficult these are. In the JNU case, it cannot but be a struggle on the ground and many academics from there (including ones excoriated for asking for a withdrawal from social media activism in an earlier moment) have already issued a statement against the punishment and will doubtless start a campaign against it in JNU.

Telliscope: Our collective necrophilia

By Ashley Tellis
Migrant labourers build the cities and towns we live in, clean the garbage we produce and survive on the less than minimum wage they earn, living away from their homes where they cannot even produce enough to survive, which is why they become migrant labour, and for their pains we turn on them and hound them out of cities and towns.

Telliscope: The horror of institutions

By Ashley Tellis
How is it that we express no outrage at this continuum of violent institutions from the family to the state but focus on custodial institutions which shelter the detritus from these other institutions? Because it is easy to do. It is also really convenient.

Telliscope: We are a rape society

By Ashley Tellis
What is marriage if not a form of sanctified rape? We do not think marital rape even imaginable as a criminal category because it blows open the lid on the fact that marriage is a form of rape: a ceremonial, ritualistic, marketized, and glitzy sanction to rape.

Telliscope: The piecemeal sale of higher education

By Ashley Tellis
If politicians get to decide academic standards, decide which institutions will get money and which will not, which will shut down and which will not, which one is performing well and which not, who will pay how much fees, who will enroll and what they will study, we can be sure that academic standards will not be the criteria at all but ideological boot-licking will.

Telliscope: The contradictions of femininity

By Ashley Tellis
If Zeenat Aman and Sridevi used femininity to build their careers and fortunes, it is precisely that femininity that did them in in their personal lives. But how does one explain their naivete, their utter, utter stupidity when it came to men and love? It is one thing to say one can never know the internal logic of a relationship between two people but another to justify the sort of violence that Zeenat Aman faced then and is facing at this age.

LGBH/T: The crisis of community

By Ashley Tellis
Coming out, strictly speaking, makes no sense in India if there is no one to come out to. Coming out to one’s parents is a moment of epistemic confounding as often parents are unable to comprehend what coming out or even gayness means.

Telliscope: Killers on the loose

By Ashley Tellis
It is far easier to wreak violence upon others than on oneself; easier to mark an Other as enemy and not oneself. This is the truth behind the lynchings and killings we have been witnessing of late and the sooner we realise it the better. This is the result of no sex education in schools; this is the result of a sexually repressed society.