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Counterview: The Ayodhya verdict is based on evidence and not on faith

By Niranjan Pant
Going through various articles published in respect to the Supreme Court Judgment (SCJ) on the Ram temple case, I find there are many from the pseudo-secular, Muslim legal professionals and left-liberal stock that are of the opinion that the SCJ has relied more on faith than evidence.

Ram Temple Mobilization: How to Defeat Divisive Forces

By Abhay Kumar
My mother worships Lord Rama but she has never shown any interest in the disputed site. She has never shown her desire to get the Ram Temple built on the same place of Babri Masjid. For her, her Ram is with her. Her Ram does not live in Ayodhya at the site of the Babri Masjid nor does He live in Nagpur, Ashoka Road or R.K. Puram in New Delhi.

Babri Mosque demolition 25 years on

By Mosarrap H Khan
On the twenty-fifth anniversary of the demolition of Babri Mosque, let me assert that the calamitous events on 6 December, 1992, have crippled Indian Muslims irreversibly just when many Muslims seemed ready to take off like their Hindu counterparts.