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Supriya Devi (1933-2018): The Legend of Bengali Cinema

By Rimli Bhattacharya
In 1960, she featured in Ritwik Ghatak’s iconic movie, Meghe Dhaka Tara (The Cloud Capped Star), where she plays the heart tugging role of Neeta, the sole earning member of an uprooted refugee family during the Partition of India. As she is admitted to a sanatorium because of consumption, she tells her jobless elder brother, who dreams to be a singer and with whom she shares a unique bond, that she wants to live. This movie was based on an eponymous Bengali novel by Shaktipada Rajguru.

Film-Review: The Politics of Role-Playing in Kaushik Ganguly’s film, ‘Bastu- Shaap’

By Srirupa Dhar
Indian film director Kaushik Ganguly’s Bengali film, Bastu-Shaap (2016), is a psychological drama that gives us an insight into the complexities of both human minds and relationships. Role-playing is portrayed as a major component in retaining these relationships. And the politics embedded in this role-playing powerfully betrays the true human being beneath the façade.