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Book Excerpt: From Malsawmi Jacob’s novel, ZORAMI: A redemption song

By Malsawmi Jacob
Sanga stayed on in bed, closed his eyes and tried to sleep again. But his heart was burning. Dinpuii had appeared in his dream, smiled at him and walked away. He ran after her but he couldn’t catch up, she was too fast. That was why he had cried out.

Book Exceprt: From Begum, Bengali Muslim women’s weekly magazine

By Rebeka Sultana Chowdhury
Whenever we talk about women claiming their rightful place in society and state, we can’t avoid the question of their educational backwardness. It is often said that uneducated women will never be able claim their right to the state.

Book Excerpt: Blood, Sweat, and Gorkhaland: Part-II

By B. Khaling
As the mighty column of demonstrators, snowballing as it forged ahead along the R.C. Mintri road (they were coming on) connects the Rishi Road to form a three-way junction. The CRP jawans who had been holding back the marchers from Algarah-Pedong-Labha (mentioned earlier), were taken aback by this sudden turn of event. However, discretion prevailed as they were hopelessly outnumbered by a column of more volatile marchers.

Book Excerpt: Blood, Sweat, and Gorkhaland: Part-I

By B. Khaling
There was no stopping the people once they decided to go ahead with the programme, scheduled to be held on the Mela Ground. Slowly but surely, the town began to be thronged, at first by curious crowds of onlookers, who came in small groups to loiter around the town aimlessly, but with keen eyes to watch the mood and attitude of the patrolling CRP jawans.