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Maqbool Bhat laid a vision for Kashmir

By Dar Wasim
However, like the great leader, Nelson Mandela, in South Africa, Maqbool too did not give up on his commitment and stood firm. The struggle for freedom from poverty, hunger, and occupation was paramount for him. India tried every opportunity to rope him in, as it did with the rest of the leaders. But India failed in its attempt.

The Kashmiri Poetics of Freedom

By Adil Bhat
Pakistan doesn’t defray stones to Kashmiris. These are our stones and our protests, our pen and our poetics of resistance, our land and our struggle for freedom. These ineffective and often absurd measures and conclusions that India jumps to make have failed in the past and are bound to fail in future. The call for peace lies in the history of an unfulfilled promise, that is, the promise of plebiscite.

The March is on, Burhan!

By Basarat Hassan
Would Indian citizens of any big city like Bombay, Delhi or Bangalore imagine living under curfew-like conditions for even a single week? A complete blockade, with basic amenities and communication lines completely cut off. No, they would not. We experience it, and only we can understand it. This is what occupation is!

Kashmir: An Honest Question for the Civil Society

By Iftikhar Gilani
Situation in Kashmir is worsening by the day. Narendra Modi’s Government is dreaming to browbeat and exhaust the masses with the use of brazen force, through security forces and imposition of continuous curfews and engulfing the masses in utter sense of defeat and disappointment.