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Why I find BJP’s nationalism idiotic

By Dar Wasim
RSS, the mother organisation of the BJP, started to spread its wings and preach Hindutva. RSS does not need any introduction. It is an organisation preaching the thoughts of its ideologue, M.S. Golwalkar. They are toiling hard to disseminate the historic slogan he wrote in his publication, Bunch of Thoughts in 1966: “In this land of ours, Bharat, the national life is of Hindu people. In short, this is the Hindu nation.”

Maqbool Bhat laid a vision for Kashmir

By Dar Wasim
However, like the great leader, Nelson Mandela, in South Africa, Maqbool too did not give up on his commitment and stood firm. The struggle for freedom from poverty, hunger, and occupation was paramount for him. India tried every opportunity to rope him in, as it did with the rest of the leaders. But India failed in its attempt.