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How to read the unemployment figures in India

By Kashif Islam
The unusually high unemployment figure of 6.1 % and a fall in the labour-force participation rate as reported by the PLFS may well be the result of demonetisation, something that the government has never openly acknowledged, and for which it needs to be held accountable. But, clearly there is a long way to go before the unemployment number in itself starts conveying any useful information about the economic welfare of the Indian people.

Book Excerpt: From Arun Kumar’s ‘Understanding the Black Economy and Black Money in India’

By Arun Kumar
The actual input-output ratio of the economy is lower than that suggested by the white economy. This results in problems of planning and failure in execution. In simple terms, suppose the government is planning for 100 while the economy is actually 162 (because of the black economy), so the state is planning for the wrong amount of requirement of steel, energy, transportation and so on.

Demonetisation and Technology

By Ananya S Guha
To educate the rural poor in technology, it is important to impart education, and make them literate in terms of numeracy. The ability to simply sign names is not literacy and certainly not education. Educational imperatives are first and foremost in a country which is not totally and comprehensibly literate.

Demonetisation: Black to White

By Ananya S Guha
People are dying, heart attacks, money attacks, income tax attacks. Some are committing suicides out of sheer anguish. Some do not have identity cards, or pan cards; they are used to stowing cash in their houses.