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Book Excerpt: Blood, Sweat, and Gorkhaland: Part-II

By B. Khaling
As the mighty column of demonstrators, snowballing as it forged ahead along the R.C. Mintri road (they were coming on) connects the Rishi Road to form a three-way junction. The CRP jawans who had been holding back the marchers from Algarah-Pedong-Labha (mentioned earlier), were taken aback by this sudden turn of event. However, discretion prevailed as they were hopelessly outnumbered by a column of more volatile marchers.

Why Are the Gorkhas Discontented?

By Rajendra Prasad Dhakal
But directing the might of the state against a democratic mass movement for constitutional rights is autocratic, majority-centric, and parochial. In political science, an apt and universally acknowledged saying goes: ‘Will, not the force, is the basis of State.’