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Hindi Cinema and Feminism

By Neha Basnet
These ‘feminist women’ encourage and spread ideas that women can be liberated and will be considered equal only if they participate in every sphere of life that men have been part of.

Film: Rendezvous with Shyam Benegal

By Nadira Khan
He seemed very eager to narrate the history of the Hindi film industry and how Urdu language and Hindustani culture played a crucial role in the early period of its development. He said that Hindi, as is often thought, is a not a recent language. Rather, it existed before in a different form.

Rendezvous with Kabir Khan

By Nadira Khan
I remembered my first rendezvous with the film stars during my childhood which I spent in a tiny town, surrounded by paddy fields and which had one concrete main road branching into muddy lanes. Living there the film world was beyond my reach.