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India’s consistent penchant for torture violates human rights

By Basit Farooq and Shariqa Naseer
According to NCRB, 1584 deaths occurred in prisons in 2015, suggesting that there was one death every 6 hours. Apart from health issues and age factors, torture as reported by Human Rights Watch was a major cause of these deaths. Agnelo, as stated above, was one of the 591 people who died in police custody between 2010 and 2015 as per NCRB.

Khap system and human rights in India

By Mujeebu Rahman
When human right is viewed from a universalist perspective, relativism seems unsustainable in the modern world, as even the most remote indigenous groups have been sustainably integrated into global politics, culture, and economy and are subject to ever-growing external influences.

Book Review: Do you Remember Kunan Poshpora?

By Adil Bhat
Despite all the attempts by the Indian state to obliterate the horrific facts and erase the public memory of that dreadful night, five courageous women from Kashmir – Essar Batool, Irfah Butt, Samreena Mushtaq, Munaza Rashid, Natasha Rather – decided to come together to the forefront to fight for justice and articulate the stories of men and women of Kunan Poshpora in this compelling book, Do you remember Kunan Poshpora?