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Nabanita Dev Sen: The Feisty Feminist, Humorist of Post-Colonial Bengali Literature

By Lopa Banerjee
Nabanita’s work, starting from her first collection of poems, Prothom Pratyay, to her wide variety of novels, short stories, personal essays and humor writings originated from this spirit of knowledge and self-expression, while she chose to reflect on the social, political, psychological problems of the post-colonial, middle-class Bengalis, often using women as central characters.

India: A Haven for the Rapists

By Indranil Dey
Why would the character of a girl, clothes she wears or the company she keeps be relevant to the investigation of a rape? Logically, it doesn’t. Lawfully, it doesn’t. But, somehow, morality, religion, and the dreaded word, ‘culture’, are mobilized to torment the victims.