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What’s Generating Terrorism in Muslim States?

By Zaboor Ahmad
Despite having a rich resource base and owning billion of dollars, the Middle Eastern countries have not yielded anything and are unable to transform it into power. Most of the Muslim societies have been unable to create representative and functional institutions based on egalitarianism and democratic values.

Sufism: An Interview with Henry Bayman

By Muhammad Ashraf
The famous scholar Ghazali was able to reconcile Sufism and Islam, five centuries after Islam was revealed. Otherwise, Islam was very advanced right at the beginning. So today, many people think of Islam and Sufism as two different things, whereas they were originally one.

Islamic State and the Kashmir Question

By Aejaz Ahmad & Rafiq Wani
Apparently, ISIS is attempting to expand its industry to the areas in crisis where it feels it can manipulate the ‘Muslim nerve’ to rise in its favor. Kashmir is identified by them as one such area where it can garner its support.

The Business of Tragedies

By Raj Shekhar Sen
But justice and dignity are still exclusive. Only a certain genetic predisposition has acquired the rights to them. But do not fear, for everything else there’s Mastercard.