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Book Review: Kamran Shahid Ansari’s ‘Emergence of the Islamic State and its impact on the Muslim Organisations in India’

By Fahad Hashmi
Besides using Wikipedia contents, the book borrows from Orientalist scholars like Bernard Lewis, Daniel Pipe, and Gilles Kepel. The author has also quoted some Indian journalists including Praveen Swami. The ideological orientation of these scholars and journalists is an open secret. In the end, the book turns out to be contradicting its own arguments.

Religious sermons to resist the Islamic State threat to humanity

By Ashraf Thachar
Sheikh Zainudheen Makhdoom, one of most famous Sufi saints in Kerala, who lived in the 16th century AD, stood with the Hindu King against the exploitative rule of Portuguese colonialism. The important thing we could learn in this context is that it was beyond the Islamic Fiqhi (jurisprudential) instructions, because the Fiqh never made a provision of being with an infidel to fight against an army.

Can Moderate Muslims Defeat the Extremist Monsters?

By Kouser Fathima
Let’s make it clear that the Moderate Muslims can’t foresee the future and predict the next attack nor can they fly across the continents to save the world. Stop confusing them with the fictional superheroes. This is what happens if you are hooked to too much Hollywood.