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Short Story: A Hit Film

By Dev Chaudhry
The producer’s words broke his tandra, the reverie. In hard crisp and distant voice, he was saying, “Cut the girl from the story”. Without fully listening and comprehending what the producer had said, Bhudho said, “What? Remove the girl from the story? The girl is at the centre of the story. If we remove the girl, then what will be the centre of the story?”

The inhuman politics of hate and rape

By Rahman Abbas
The surge in anger is not just because of the unimaginable cruelty inflicted on eight-year-old Asifa, but owing to the defense of the rapists by elected leaders of the BJP in UP and Jammu. What adds to the shame is the shameless mobilization of men and women and lawyers in the name of religion by the supporters of the rapists, i.e., the BJP leaders.