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Legal Framework for Mob Lynching in India: A Day Late and a Dollar short

By Pranav Tanwar & Saurabh Pandey
In criminal law special situations need special kind of laws. The crime of mob lynching needs a specific law which can address limitations which arise in our criminal justice system. Also, the defense of multiplicity of laws does not render solution to these problems.

Love || Eat || Pray|| Lynch

By Sabyasachi Nag
The man
Entrusted with the sentence swings and strikes each time
Tabrez makes a slow lunge at the trajectory of the cane –
Shaking his head as the enforcer implores
To chant after him – Jai Shri Ram.

Jab We Lynched: From Rioters Democratic Inc.

By Asma Anjum Khan
Look, when you are trapped, do they ask you which sect you belong to while if you raise your hands up to your shoulders (or not – doing Rafiuddin) as you mischievously pray your Jumma in a park? Or do they ask if you practise the typical Islamophobic Islam that the world loves to fear or are you a teetotaler?

Telliscope: Killers on the loose

By Ashley Tellis
It is far easier to wreak violence upon others than on oneself; easier to mark an Other as enemy and not oneself. This is the truth behind the lynchings and killings we have been witnessing of late and the sooner we realise it the better. This is the result of no sex education in schools; this is the result of a sexually repressed society.

The Banality of Evil: Nagaland Lynching

By Riti Das Dhankar
As these images were splashed in newspapers and news channels, one saw a crowd of thousands of men finding pleasure in inflicting pain, making videos, clicking pictures, dragging a dead man tied behind a vehicle and then hanging his body. How could a crowd of humans target a defenseless man, kill him, and find pleasure in doing so?