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Reflections: Ghoom Station

By Abhinay Dey
The place is called Ghoom, right? They wouldn’t have given the name unless it had something to do with sleep, my little self reasoned hopefully as I promised myself to build a house there when I grow up.

Two Memories

By Tikuli
I breathe deeply, eyes closed,
inhale the aromas that we once shared,
the crackling warmth of wood stove,
the tang of our salt-laced bodies.

Four Poems

By Goirick Brahmachari
The smoky roof has given up. It leaks memory drop by drop
On to my sink. The staircase is
Breaking, falling apart. Insects
Have taken over the corridor.

On losing my cellphone

By Ananya Dutta Gupta
My phone and I had bequeathed and shared meaning between us in similar ways. I had committed memories, thoughts, and images to it in such a way as to create a personal archive.

Two Poems

By Meghna Roy
I smile and say that
Home is no more a noun, but
an adjective that qualifies this
long sentence from Kashmir.

Three Poems on Kashmir

By Muhammad Nadeem
A roaring fire
Or hum of a love song
Sung on the banks of sloshing Lidder River
Knock-kneed beneath crimson Chinars
When horizon is bleeding red
And bullets fired across Jehlum
Injuring Zabarwan’s aghast voices

Four Poems

By Parasuraman
And the waves I see leaping and frothing noisily in front of me
Giving the noises of the mela a run for their moneys
Could actually be carrying a bit of Amma
(Not that there is much to carry, for salt water to drink)

Two Poems

By Kalpana Sinha
The food is Indian, South Indian;
The clientele Malaysian;
This is Devi’s Corner, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur,
A part of my Malaysia.

Two Poems

By Namitha Varma  My Grandfather is a King My grandfather is a King. In the dusk of aristocracy, he is a tottering monarch, a dimming light…