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Trapping migrant workers in the liberal façade

By Nafis Haider
The real carrier of the coronavirus is the cosmopolitan class of India. The spread of this virus is the result of globalization and cosmopolitanism, the same phenomenon which has destroyed the small and cottage industries and compelled the workers to live in subhuman conditions in Delhi.

The Soul of India abides in the Sole of India

By Umang Kumar
Cities come up, all glass and steel, roads are built to connect malls and offices, markets spring up to provide necessities for the residents of the city but the people who painstakingly assemble the city lego-block by lego-block and keep it running, are its forgotten architects.

Can India’s mazdoor survive the Covid-19 lockdown?

By Soma Mandal
Covid-19 lockdown should not be turned into an aggressive political exercise to promote the agenda of nationalism. The instance of permanent lockdown without addressing the state’s inadequacy to provide food and health services exemplify overdetermination of the government in various aspects.