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Dr. Jack Ryan, CIA, as a guide to understanding global conflict

By MK Raghavendra
Jack Ryan is to the CIA what James Bond was to Britain’s MI 6. Where the marginalization of Britain in the new millennium makes James Bond more a sex symbol than an interpretable global symptom, Jack Ryan is the spy of the moment. The arrival of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan as a television series on Amazon Prime Video is therefore a matter of some political importance.

David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks Season 3’

By MK Raghavendra
David Lynch is a difficult film-maker to write about if one wants to make any kind of rational sense of his work. It is not too difficult reviewing his films since reviewing is usually appreciation that does not commit itself to decipherment, but I don’t believe there has been much writing from film scholars which tells you what his films might mean to the spectators for whom they are meant.