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Why is Rahul Gandhi, the dynast, failing to shore up the Congress?

By Mosarrap H Khan
Rahul Gandhi appears more as a curiosity factor, than a real impactful politician. Feudalism adds glamour and piques curiosity. But curiosity is not the same thing as impact. For someone to have real impact, identification matters, relatability matters. For all his megalomania, Narendra Modi is relatable to a large segment of India’s population, often young, technocratic Indians.

Babri Mosque demolition 25 years on

By Mosarrap H Khan
On the twenty-fifth anniversary of the demolition of Babri Mosque, let me assert that the calamitous events on 6 December, 1992, have crippled Indian Muslims irreversibly just when many Muslims seemed ready to take off like their Hindu counterparts.

As a ‘Muslim’, do I have to always react?

By Mosarrap H Khan
While I concur with the anger and anguish that these pieces convey, there is something that makes me uncomfortable with them, not least because of my own supposed ‘secular-liberal’ belief. What worries me is the authors’ unwillingness to turn a critical gaze to their own subject-position – their ‘Muslim’ identity – the ground from which they launch these critiques.