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From Greece to India: Can multiple Languages foster clarity of thoughts?

By Karine Leno Ancellin
I preferred Mumbai over Delhi, or Kolkata where most writers lived because of its vibrancy and its artistry with language and its highly multicultural melting pot, as the ‘Gateway to India’ Mumbai welcomed foreigners from far and large in the state of Maharashtra, on the Western coast of the continent. Mumbai was like Manhattan in many ways, a threshold city that never sleeps, home of the Bollywood Industry.

Language as a medium of cosmopolitanism and global citizenship

By Muhammed Aslam
The intellectual and philosophical traditions of India have been recorded in a number of Arabic texts, which depict the cultural legacy and heritage of the Indians. Brahmagupta’s pioneering Sanskrit treatise on astronomy, which had first been translated into Arabic in the 8th century, also demonstrates this legacy of intercultural exchange.