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Muslim youth in Mumbai: The myth of governance and the spatio-temporality of resistance in India

By Muhammed Mashkoor
Velunaikar’s calendar exposes the rise in the number of violence against Dalits and the Muslim minority in the country even as the KVIC calendar tries to polish Modi’s image portraying him as an icon of youth and development. Instead of the glossy pictures of Modi in his expensive kurta pyjama, Velunaikar featured the picture of victims of mob lynching, Rohith Vemula, and Najeeb’s mother, and others in his calendar.

No Diwali for them

By Mosarrap H. Khan
In this crumbling, decaying metropolis – Mumbai – where every moment is an assault on your olfactory lobes, people are always ready to share their stories. You also realize that this restless city doesn’t have listeners to their stories. People are ready to share bits of their life, their despair, their hope with you.

Three Poems

By Yash Pandit
I hold you as one holds a shadow; in my eyes,
I lose you between the flickers of light
And darkness. The radio screams,
“Don’t persist on leaving today.”

Two Poems

By Yash Pandit
Babri – Muzaffarnagar – Godhra – Dadri,
The quarrel of colours has bled here too, in my city.
Saffron cuts green; Green slices saffron.
But humans mostly bleed red, in my city.

A Short Film on Communalism and Manto

By Cafe Dissensus
I could see that Shyam was deeply moved. I could well understand what was passing through his mind. When we left, I said to him: ‘I am a Muslim. Don’t you want to kill me?’ ‘Not now,’ he replied gravely, ‘but while I was listening to them and learning of the atrocities committed by the Muslims, I could have killed you.’

From Jogeshwari to Azad Maidan: A detour through Govandi

By Rama Akhtar
I live in a Muslim ghetto in Jogeshwari (East). I am aware that this sounds jarring and may reek of stereotyping right from the first sentence since ‘Muslims’ and ‘ghettoes’ have been co-related more often than not. My house is inside a narrow by-lane seconds from the main road and across this road lies a Hindu ghetto.