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‘Field Notes’: The Noise Within

By Neha Basnet
His life-history was filled with stories of people abusing and exploiting him and somehow making him feel that he was not worthy. As a researcher I felt helpless and hopeless at this point. Would my research make his life better in any way? Would it be able to reverse the time and make things right for this kid?

Do girls actually drop out of schools for lack of access to sanitary pads?

By Neha Basnet
This very idea that having access to sanitary pads will increase school attendance, improve performance in education, and ultimately better lives for girls and women diverts focus from the real problems. This increasing problematization of lack of access to sanitary pads and its impact on young girls’ education needs to be revised.

Hindi Cinema and Feminism

By Neha Basnet
These ‘feminist women’ encourage and spread ideas that women can be liberated and will be considered equal only if they participate in every sphere of life that men have been part of.

Indian Economic Blockade: Mocking Nepalese Anguish

By Neha Basnet
We do not deny the part that Nepal should be as “inclusive” as possible. However, the process of imposing an inhumane “blockade” to foster an inclusive Constitution is utterly disgusting. This contradicts India’s statement of having a peaceful dialogue with Nepal in this matter.