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Indian Economic Blockade: Mocking Nepalese Anguish

By Neha Basnet
We do not deny the part that Nepal should be as “inclusive” as possible. However, the process of imposing an inhumane “blockade” to foster an inclusive Constitution is utterly disgusting. This contradicts India’s statement of having a peaceful dialogue with Nepal in this matter.

A Tale of Two Worlds: Holland and Nepal

By Neha Basnet
In Nepal, customers are bound to carry bundles of cash with them and still end up being cheated. With digital payment systems, customers simply press a few buttons with their fingers and the funny money is gone, just like in a casino. Unfortunately, such services are limited.

Have women been excluded in the conceptualization of ‘Youth’?

By Neha Basnet
Young women contribute greatly to the youth initiatives, specifically in freedom struggle, but they are conspicuously absent in the conceptualization of ‘Youth’. Drawing upon youth initiatives during the freedom movement in India and the post-conflict context of contemporary Nepal, this piece questions the limited participation and conspicuous absence of young women vis-à-vis young men.