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Nuclear Science: Good Judgements versus Poor Judgements

By Rameez Raja
The historians reject the US statement that Japan surrendered because of the atomic bombardment in World War II. Rather, they argue that it was a bad decision that culminated in the murder of an innocent people by the US to traumatise the world in general and Japan in particular.

Nuclear Terrorism: Science Fiction or Reality?

By Rameez Raja
How to protect the world from unauthorized use of nuclear weapons is largely debated at the international level. The irony is that the nuclear states prefer to secure nuclear weapons from falling into ‘wrong hands’ than to eliminate this evil weapon once for all.

Doomsday Weapons

By Rameez Raja
Israel has kept the status of its nuclear capability deliberately veiled and unacknowledged in order to shape the strategic perceptions and actions of others – friends and foes alike. This nuclear code of conduct of Israel has been regarded as its policy of ‘nuclear opacity, Animut in Hebrew.