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Book Review: Amitav Ghosh’s ‘Countdown’

By Lalima Chakraverty
Countdown is a critique of the Indian nuclear programme. The author’s aim is to understand and evaluate the image of a modern man dealing with an anti-human weapons system and anti-civilization nuclear armaments. The book assesses the current economic development of the country carried forward by war machines.

Mobilization War Tactic in the Context of India and Pakistan

By Rameez Raja
It is vital that people should now think in terms of peace research rather than strategic studies. Due to the availability of thousands of nukes, “War” is now both incorrect and misleading. Nuclear war is a suicide and it is largely held that “nobody wins a suicide pact” because mutually assured destruction would definitely wipe out millions of innocent people.

Nuclear Terrorism: Science Fiction or Reality?

By Rameez Raja
How to protect the world from unauthorized use of nuclear weapons is largely debated at the international level. The irony is that the nuclear states prefer to secure nuclear weapons from falling into ‘wrong hands’ than to eliminate this evil weapon once for all.

Doomsday Weapons

By Rameez Raja
Israel has kept the status of its nuclear capability deliberately veiled and unacknowledged in order to shape the strategic perceptions and actions of others – friends and foes alike. This nuclear code of conduct of Israel has been regarded as its policy of ‘nuclear opacity, Animut in Hebrew.