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President Trump’s Atavism of Strange Kind

By Ananya S Guha
The point about Donald Trump’s belief is that it is no ideology. It is simply playing to the gallery with slogans like ‘this is your land’, mind you, not country. It also pooh poohs the very notion of cultural integration and assimilation. It is monolithic in character and nature. Monolith cultures have a way of resembling a herd mentality.

Trump’s Biggest Hurdles as an Incoming President in Recent History

By Deeba Abedi
Many call Trump’s issuance of a temporary travel ban, at least in part, race driven. Cries of racial preference and bigotry simply do not apply to Donald Trump for several reasons. For one, Trump is banning travel (or attempting to) from nations that openly sponsor terrorism, such as Iran which gives money to Hezbollah. Furthermore, it should be noted that Islam is not a race, it is a religion.