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Bhupen Khakhar: Many Facets of an Artist

By Akash Bharadwaj
My recent encounters with Khakhar, be it in the lanes of Daryaganj or going to this exhibition, pushes me to think that it is possible to curate a Bhupen Khakhar show in a more powerful and imaginative manner.

THE DANCING PAINTER: An Interview with Suresh K. Nair

By Joyce Yarrow
Part of my art practice was sketching, and I became interested in making sketches of moving figures; finally, I began to draw the traditional kathakali dances in my village and started going to other districts of Kerala too.

Maria Pena: Landscapes Left Behind

By Mary Ann Chacko
As she sifted through the photos she took in Kerala, it occurred to her that the Lungi or sarong, a traditional garment worn, predominantly by men, around their waist and the Newspaper, best capture the culture of Kerala. In this painting, she took newspapers and blended it with the painting. One news item features Kerala’s campaign against the pesticide, Endosulfan.