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Lecture: Populist-Authoritarianism in India

By Ajay Gudavarthy
The other part of the success of this new populist regime is its ability to include subjective emotions more upfront than liberal democracies, moving away from liberal democratic conception of a rational self, based on separation of the private and public individual.

How to read the UP assembly election verdict?

By Sajjan Kumar
In the war of perceptions, the hollow abstract signifiers like ‘Achhe Din’, ‘Corruption Free Government’, ‘Decisive and Strong Image’ are deployed. Such signifiers are meticulously curated by the tireless work and combination of PR agencies, rhetoric, and polemics, which play on the aspiration-anxiety axis of the people by making the rivals responsible for all the ailments informing the electorates.

Beyond ‘bringing down a dictator’: rethinking nonviolent resistance in the wake of right wing populism

By Janjira Sombatpoonsiri
Populist figures such as Trump and le Pen could mobilise popular support sufficient to contest other liberal/centrist candidates because of their anti-establishment rhetoric addressing the crisis of liberal democracy. They acknowledge the injustice and humiliation inflicted on their constituents through the loss of jobs and neglect of the political class.

10 Theses For The Fight Against Right-Wing Populism

By Marc Saxer
It has been the neoliberal policies of enriching the elite, eroding the middle classes and excluding the “redundant” that have provided the fertile ground for right-wing populism. A truly transformative agenda, on the other hand, has the potential to rob right-wing populists of their greatest asset: to be the only alternative to the neoliberal mainstream.