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Concealing the spirit of cricket with jingoistic fervour: the Indian way

By Bilal Majid
The purpose of camouflage fatigues by the army across the world is to conceal their presence in any armed combat. However, the adornment of camouflage caps sponsored by Nike (US based multinational company making sports apparels and sports equipment) by Indian cricket team in the Ranchi ODI on 8 March 2019 against Australia was all about revealing: jingoism, hyper nationalism and bellicism which have clasped the whole nation since the Pulwama Attack.

In Uttarakhand, it’s time to talk over the Pulwama attack

By Malika Pandey
As someone from Uttarakhand, which has always been famous for its immeasurable generosity, I would like to say that we all need to continue to live up to our ideals. In times of crisis, we ought not to forsake our fellow beings. We need to understand the actual faultiness which have been blurred and how situations have turned out to be a battleground for power politics.

For how long will Kashmiris suffer?

By Aijaz Ahmad Turrey
Why are Kashmiris being asked to leave as soon as possible? Why are anti-national slogans like ‘Desh kay ghadharo ko, goli maro salun ko’ being raised against them? What is their crime? This communal and ethnicity-based violence is dividing people. They are also the citizens of the country. They also have feelings and should be treated well like they do with 10 lakh in-migrants from different parts of the country.