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Book Essay: Literary and Religious Practices in Medieval and Early Modern India

By Raziuddin Aquil and David L. Curley
The essays in our co-edited volume, Literary and Religious Practices in Medieval and Early Modern India, deal with the composition and reception of symbolic representations, and with social practices in literature and religion. In them, we have many opportunities to think about writing practices and literary genres in relation to religious boundaries and identities – whether multiple, dual or exclusive.

On Qawwali: Celebrations and Contestations

By Raziuddin Aquil
Qawwali and other song and dance techniques are central to most forms of devotional, religion. In his lifetime, the leading Chishti Sufi, Nizam-ud-Din Auliya, fought a bitter struggle against the ulama of Delhi in the early fourteenth century who contested the legitimacy of his practice of organising musical sessions.

Book Essay: Recommending Right and Forbidding Wrong in Islam

By Raziuddin Aquil
Returning to the discussion on the ideal conditions for ihtisab, apart from being aqil and baligh, the muhtasib should also be a believer, for ihtisab is a contribution to the cause of Allah and a non-believer is not expected to have any interest in the matter. Thus, a kafir or an idolater cannot be a muhtasib.

Papiya Ghosh’s Writings on Bihari Muslims

By Raziuddin Aquil
Unlike Papiya Ghosh, no other historian of Islam and Muslims in the Hindu majority province of Bihar and its adjoining areas, including parts of eastern UP, has been able to come up with a more synthetic account of the murky history of the community, with all its social stratifications and religious diversities (ashraf/arzal, Shia/Sunni, etc.).