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Two Poems by Sabyasachi Nag

By Sabyasachi Nag
I fear, you too might die Akbari, all of eighty-five,
tied to the steel bed and forced to choke in this fire
someone else started, somewhere else;
or like Ankit Sharma, first beaten, then shot,
facing the gutter, by the house you were born;

Two Poems

By Sabyasachi Nag
no god awake at this hour to help
birth the dark passion
I need to stand this war tonight;
this war with never ending, slithery shadows.

Poetry: Oh Kashmir!

By Sabyasachi Nag
If I tear your veil and force my lips on the blue flame that burns
Your eyes, could you not keep them shut tonight? Not see, just sense?
Kashmir, why do you look at me and make me cry?

Love || Eat || Pray|| Lynch

By Sabyasachi Nag
The man
Entrusted with the sentence swings and strikes each time
Tabrez makes a slow lunge at the trajectory of the cane –
Shaking his head as the enforcer implores
To chant after him – Jai Shri Ram.