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Radio and a sense of community in India

By Sanjay Kumar
Thus it is around the paan-shops of Jhumri Tilaiya or in the seedy dhabas of Majnu ka tila or in the mango orchards of Digha that someone, while listening to those heartfelt songs, is secure in the belief that governments come and go but India would survive because people still send requests for songs to be aired.

Where do Santa and Banta reside?

By Sanjay Kumar
Santa and Banta exist whenever and wherever we suspend our sense of judgement, let gullibility take over, laugh hoarse for no reason, grin like idiots from ear to ear, trust an alien with his secrets and intentions, allow ourselves to be made fun of and have self-deprecation in generous measure. 

Dogs and our ambivalence

By Sanjay Kumar
Oh, it is dogs that unequivocally settle the discourse on secularism. As they release themselves raising their hind left leg, balancing themselves beautifully on the other three, one eye pretending to shed tears and the other one poetically shut, they do not discriminate among places of religious worship.