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Dalit, Ambedkarite and South Asian Organisations in the UK Condemn Police and Maratha Attacks on Dalits in Nashik

By South Asia Solidarity Group
Having rejected Hinduism, these Dalit Neo-Buddhists do not adhere to the age-old caste system that has exploited them for centuries and refuse to prostrate before the powerful Marathas. Dalit assertion has caused great consternation within the Marathas. This is evident from the Marathas conspicuously sparing other Dalit groups and selectively targeting Ambedkarite Buddhist homes.

“Whose Democracy?” Asks a Seminar in London on the Eve of India’s Independence Day

Nitasha Kaul said India’s relationship with Kashmir—humiliating attitude towards them, killing, injuring, and blinding of innocent people, intimidating of journalists, and clamping down on the media and shutting down internet and mobile communication— was like Britain’s relationship with India under colonial rule.