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From JNU to Kashmir: Crime? and Punishment for Students!

By Shahwar Kibria & Mir Mudasir Gul
While the JNU student community is embroiled in an unending nightmare and endless trials since February 2016 and gross injustice meted out by its own administrative system, the civil service aspirants in J&K are facing unexplainable stress, mental harassment and strategic alienation facilitated by an inconsiderate, insensitive, unfair and a highly incompetent administrative body – the JK PSC.

From JNU to DU: Why are the Rightists against the freedom to think?

By Rama Naga
It’s time to put more effort to make it a movement not only at a university in Delhi but also in all the universities of India. We have to break every conspiracy, which narrows down the scope of the movement by terming it as “Left verses Right”. This fight is not about “Left versus Right” but it is a fight for rest verses right.

Muslim Discussions: Is Shehla Rashid Muslim?

By Asma Anjum Khan
As per tradition, we were recently discussing the faith of a young woman activist, who was brave enough in Modi times to throw all caution to the wind and crave for justice. Yes, I am talking about immensely likeable, Ms. Shehla Rashid Shora of JNU.