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Kerala: Neglecting one’s past is a betrayal of identity

By Mujeeb Jaihoon
K. N. Kurup, one among the last stock of Kerala’s living eminent historians, expressed a similar view as he shared his pain over the neglect of Thuhfathul Mujahideen, the seminal historical work of Sheikh Zainuddin Makhdum, South India’s Sufi saint and philosopher of the 16th century, also known as the Thucydides of Kerala.

On Qawwali: Celebrations and Contestations

By Raziuddin Aquil
Qawwali and other song and dance techniques are central to most forms of devotional, religion. In his lifetime, the leading Chishti Sufi, Nizam-ud-Din Auliya, fought a bitter struggle against the ulama of Delhi in the early fourteenth century who contested the legitimacy of his practice of organising musical sessions.

Sufism: An Interview with Henry Bayman

By Muhammad Ashraf
The famous scholar Ghazali was able to reconcile Sufism and Islam, five centuries after Islam was revealed. Otherwise, Islam was very advanced right at the beginning. So today, many people think of Islam and Sufism as two different things, whereas they were originally one.