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Book Review: Sumana Roy’s ‘Missing’

By Suranjana Choudhury
The beauty of her narration lies not in unnecessary elaboration. The details are necessary because through the exterior Roy tells us about the interior worlds of characters. The action is as much internal as it is external. Readers will appreciate that this simultaneity serves to introduce an interesting order to a series of thoughts and experiences.

Marginal men in a marginal place: Quiltmakers in Silchar

By Suranjana Choudhury
I don’t see these quiltmakers very often now. These days we generally prefer the readymade quilts as they are easily accessible. In Silchar or in Shillong, where I stay now, their visibility over a period of years has decreased significantly. A post-globalised universe has fiercely transformed our imagination and cravings. I perceive these lost professionals as parallel recipients and victims of a changed world.