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Shouldn’t surrogacy be an option?

By Sadia Hashmi
It is the patriarchal woman who makes other women suffer, too. Those patriarchal women are the ones who have the same mind-set that of patriarchal men. They give priority to male chauvinists. All they demand from woman by the means of affinity is to give them a baby; even today boy-child is very much preferred.

Sebastiano Riso’s ‘Una Famiglia’: A meditation on maternity and manipulation in a capitalistic world

By Murtaza Ali Khan
Shades of Michelangelo Antonioni’s cold detachment are evident in the way certain scenes are framed. Consider the scene, shot in a long continuous take, wherein a man hurts a woman’s private parts, just as we see the her begging him to go easy, the camera suddenly takes us outside the house into the everyday monotony as her screams become more and more distant, before returning to the house with the woman now sitting alone on her bed, writhing in agony.